Understanding the Bible

Understanding the Bible: Announcement

When I came to know Jesus as my personal savior 33 years ago, He filled my heart with a love for His word. That love has held strong over the decades and I long to see a revival of that love spark a fire throughout our churches today.

For the new believer, getting to know God’s word (and getting to know God through His word) may seem like a daunting task. Bookstores and websites are jammed packed with Bible resources, study guides, books about biblical principles and personal testimonies, not to mention the wide range of Bible versions available.

So where do you begin?

How do you tackle reading and understanding God’s book?

Once a month I will be teaching my new series on Understanding the Bible. In this series I will be explaining “The Book” in simple terms to help you to fall in love with studying God’s word, and so you can know it contains the very breath of God.

God’s word is life to any believer’s walk of faith.

Jesus said, “The words I speak unto you; they are spirit and they are life” KJV John 6:63.

Over the years I’ve taught many Bible studies, Sunday school classes, and have spoken at events and retreats. Through my interaction with a vast number of believers I have come to realize many today don’t understand the Bible. And, sadly, many just don’t believe it’s authoritative—It’s really God’s word—and, as such deserves our acquiescence, attention and obedience.

But it is and it does.

My goal through this series is to help answer some questions you may have, like:

  1. Who wrote the Bible?
  2. How is it put together?
  3. What is it all about?
  4. Does it make any sense?
  5. Can it be trusted?

If you are struggling, or you know someone who is struggling to understand God’s word, please read and share my website with them. You and your friends may subscribe to receive any updates and new posts.

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If you don’t know Jesus and the full pardon of your sins, ask Him to come into your heart, forgive you of your sins and help you live for Him. If you do, be sure and tell someone.

And join me as we learn about the Bible, while we learn what’s in the Bible so we can live for Him.

6 thoughts on “Understanding the Bible: Announcement”

  1. I love this stuff: the historicity of the Bible as a book, how it was transmitted through the ages, etc. I’ve taught it myself. I’m sure God is going to use it in a great way!

  2. Carla, Your Bible study sounds wonderful! There certainly is a need for guidance in understanding the Word of God, particularly for those just beginning their walk with Christ. That’s when we are particularly vulnerable. I know God will be with you as you assist others. Wishing you blessings, Katherine

    1. Thank you Katherine. Please watch for my posts and join the conversation. Also, feel free to share my blog with others who may be interested. Everyone is welcomed to sign up for my email updates. Have a great day!

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