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Carla Shares Inspirational Messages

Battle Scars: Wounded for a Purpose

Sometimes we wonder what to do with our pain and whether God has any purpose for it. Carla answers that question with 5 ways God desires to use our woundings for His purpose.  Take a moment and listen to this excerpt:

Our Ultimate Makeover

When you look in the mirror what do you see? Is Jesus achieving for you a whole new outlook on life?  Or, are you looking for a change?  The Bible provides us with the answers on how to walk the runway of life as we work out our ultimate spiritual makeover.

Our Ultimate Makeover is a life-challenging message that will inspire you to walk out your life with God the way He intended.

Stretched to Stride

God sees your potential. He sees in you the heart of a champion. But the making of a champion takes training, discipline. God wants to stretch us so that we can be our best for Him. The process is painful, but we will reap the rewards if we endure to the end.

Stretched to Stride is an encouraging, life-changing message that will help you work with the Holy Spirit and answer God’s call on your life with passion and resolve.

Topics Based on Your Theme

Carla will also pray and present a topic God lays on her heart specifically for your event!

What People Are Saying

Here are a few comments others have made about Carla’s ministry:

“Carla Pollard spoke to a group of 150 women for a Mother’s Tea at Guardian Christian Academy in May. Her topic, “Sweet as Honey”, went straight to the heart of the women present. Mrs. Pollard shared how life-giving constructive words can be; they provide inspiration, encouragement, and, to our children, the belief in themselves to be what God has design them to be. She was able to relay nuggets of truth that spoke to women regardless of the depth of their relationship with the Lord. Mrs. Pollard left the women with words of wisdom, biblical truths to reflect upon, and many points for personal application.” ~Glenda Paul, Director, Guardian Christian Academy

“On April 30, 2016 Carla spoke at our Ladies “Rooted” meeting.  We had just recently become aware of her ministry and were eagerly awaiting her message. The Seven “I Am” Statements she presented were focused on us as individuals. They left much for us to think about after she returned home.  There was no doubt that Carla spent many hours in prayer to prepare for this event.  She has a humble and gentle spirit that draws you to her words.  We are grateful God led us to “find” her and pray that He will continue to expand this Ministry.  She truly was a blessing.” ~ Marissa Herndon, Rooted Ladies Ministry, Life Tabernacle Church, Vinton, VA

“Carla is anointed by God to write, teach, and preach in His name. It’s refreshing to see such zeal and bold excitement! Everyone could tell she was well prepared when she spoke at our Ladies Day event. As the Holy Spirit used her to minister, I believe hearts, minds, and lives were changed.” ~ Toni Adams, Freedom House Ministries, South Hill, VA

“It was an honor for the Open Door Baptist Church ladies to have Carla Pollard speak at our Mother’s Day Luncheon. We really appreciate her taking the time to serve the ladies and the Lord by sharing [God’s word] with us. Our ladies really enjoyed Carla and would someday love to have her come back to speak again. Thanks Carla for your service to Our Lord and Savior. May He continue to Bless You.” ~ Pat Hager, Ladies Ministry at Open Door Baptist Church, Midlothian, Virginia

“It was a pleasure having Carla as a guest on U2HaveHope radio. From our very first conversation it was apparent that her desire is to be an encourager–to spur women on to a deeper faith in Jesus Christ. It’s an honor to walk alongside her in sharing the hope of Christ to women.” ~ Carrie Cooper, U2HaveHope Radio

“Carla Pollard is a faithful student and gifted teacher of God’s Word with a passion to honor and glorify the Lord”    ~Paul Trout, Heritage Baptist Church, Chesterfield, Virginia