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My Expectation is from You

On the night Jesus was born Israel had waited in expectation for their coming Messiah for centuries. Held under bondage to Rome and by the decree from a foreign ruler Mary and Joseph made their way to Bethlehem to register for tax purposes. Mary knew who resided in her womb; Joseph did, too. What they… Continue reading My Expectation is from You

Book Reviews

Adored, 365 Devotions for Young Women: My Review

Adored is a new devotional written by Lindsay A. Franklin and published by Zondervan. This devotional is designed to speak to the hearts of young women. Its message underscores God’s adoration for and desire to walk with women through the pressures and uncertainties of everyday life. Lindsay captures the struggles facing young women today with… Continue reading Adored, 365 Devotions for Young Women: My Review

Understanding the Bible

How the Bible Came Together by Carla Pollard

NOTE: The information shared in these lessons is not exhaustive but contains a sampling of the massive weight of evidence pointing to the authenticity and reliability of Scripture. Sources are posted to encourage private review and personal study into the evidence and concepts presented. As the lessons progress the sources will be updated. Why Am… Continue reading How the Bible Came Together by Carla Pollard

Understanding the Bible

Understanding the Bible: Announcement

When I came to know Jesus as my personal savior 33 years ago, He filled my heart with a love for His word. That love has held strong over the decades and I long to see a revival of that love spark a fire throughout our churches today. For the new believer, getting to know… Continue reading Understanding the Bible: Announcement