Hello, I’m Carla Pollard. Thank you for stopping by for a visit. Please take a few minutes to browse around. My desire is for you to grow and flourish in your journey with Jesus. As you read through the messages shared here may you find hope, purpose and courage to overcome every challenge you face.

Carla Pollard spoke to a group of 150 women for a Mother’s Tea at Guardian Christian Academy in May. Her topic, “Sweet as Honey”, went straight to the heart of the women present. Mrs. Pollard shared how life-giving constructive words can be; they provide inspiration, encouragement, and, to our children, the belief in themselves to be what God has design them to be. She was able to relay nuggets of truth that spoke to women regardless of the depth of their relationship with the Lord. Mrs. Pollard left the women with words of wisdom, biblical truths to reflect upon, and many points for personal application.

Glenda Paul, Director, Guardian Christian Academy

It was an honor for the Open Door Baptist Church ladies to have Carla Pollard speak at our Mother’s Day Luncheon. We really appreciate her taking the time to serve the ladies and the Lord by sharing [God’s word] with us. Our ladies really enjoyed Carla and would someday love to have her come back to speak again. Thanks Carla for your service to Our Lord and Savior. May He continue to Bless You.

Pat Hager, Ladies Ministry at Open Door Baptist Church, Midlothian, Virginia