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FaithGirlz Follow Your Heart Backpack Bible and the Brave Beauty Devotional

I had agreed to review both the new Follow Your Heart Backpack Bible and Brave Beauty devotional when I received an invitation to speak at an area MPact Girls Bloom Conference. I knew this was the perfect opportunity to bless two attendees with these new books.

At the conference, I shared how to have a quiet time with Jesus. It was a joy to help these young girls understand the importance of praying, reading the Bible and meditating on God’s word. The two girls who received the books were thrilled.

The Follow Your Heart Bible is well-made and quite cute. It has quality stitching on the pink leather binding and the heart-enclosed title. Inside is the full NIV biblical text with Jesus’ words in red print. FaithGirlz includes full-color pages with simple questions that help a tween girl reflect and grow in her faith and confidence as a believer.

A great compliment to the Follow Your Heart Bible is the Finding the Fearless You- Brave Beauty devotional by Lynn Cowell. This devotional will not disappoint the mom who desires to instill God-strength and confidence in their 8- to 12-year-old daughter. It is extremely well-written and the biblical concepts are presented in a clear and concise manner.        

Each section is titled with an I Am statement helping the girls know who they are and what they have through Christ. The 100 mini devotions explain ways to build up courage and help young minds tackle tough questions, like; “What’s ahead? Where do I fit in? What am I good at?” The chapters end with Becoming Brave reflective questions that lead in self-awareness and Courageous Call prayers to open hearts to Jesus.

I love these two books! I highly recommend them for your tween girls.

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