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Hope Prevails: A Review

I recently read a new book on depression. It is written by Dr. Michelle Bengtson who is a neuropsychologist. Even though she worked with patients offering treatments she believed would make a difference in their suffering, it was not until Dr. Bengtson herself suffered from depression that she discovered there was more to conquering this demon than medication and therapy.

Dr. Bengtson’s own recovery came with the realization that God held the true catalyst for her healing.

Hope Prevails

In Hope Prevails, Dr. Bengtson shares her expertise in the mechanics, symptoms and effects of depression. She relates it in an understandable way so that those not exposed to medical or psychological terminology can grasp what takes placed in the depressed person’s mind and behavior. But it is Illuminating, as she shares her personal struggles, to read about her revelation of the spiritual aspects of depression.

There is an enemy after our souls and he uses our thoughts against us if we offer him an opened door. It is those self-defeating thoughts, if embraced, that enable depression to move over our minds and trap us.

Having struggled with depression myself, I understand the deep despair that clouds over the mind. I have always described it as a deep, dark pit; when you fall in you cannot pull yourself out. Someone suffering from depression needs a hand up. I believe this book is that hand up.Hope Prevails2

Hope Prevails does not only offer us the understanding of depression, but it contains a thorough and well-crafted plan to help us turn the tables on the enemy and reclaim the peace and joy offered to us through Jesus. When we can embrace God’s love and grace, then we can begin to overcome the lies the enemy sows in our minds. It is imperative that we build up ourselves on the truth of God’s word.

If you or anyone in your circle of influence suffers from depression this book is a must-read.

If you would like this book I am giving away one copy. Be the first to post a comment below and you win!

Disclaimer: Although I received two copies of this book for my review, I received no other compensation in any form. This is my honest review.

8 thoughts on “Hope Prevails: A Review”

  1. This is one of the most helpful reviews I’ve read on this book. I am convinced that we cannot overcome depression without taking into consideration the spiritual factor–we were made to need God, and without Him, nothing we do can be a total success. I wish I’d been the first one to post so that I’d have won the book…

    1. So true, Ruby. There is an underlying spiritual aspect to everything we face. When we begin to understand that fact, we can begin to heal and overcome. Hope Prevails is available through

  2. I can tell from your reveiw that this book is extremely valuable. When we can get a balanced grasp on both the physical and spiritual aspect to issues like this, we become so much more able to overcome and help others.I know this book is going to be a blessing to many!

  3. Whether I win the copy you are giving away, I plan to get this book. I deal with so many people at the VA hospital suffering from depression. I think this book would be a good segway for me to better understand them and how to relate to them. Thank you Carla for your blog and for introducing me to this book.

  4. I have severed from depression all of my adult life. Would be very interested in reading this book. Thanks Carla!

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