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Designed to Pray: New Book by Kellly O’Dell Stanley

Written for the creative heart, Designed to Pray is an interactive, 8-week devotional on creative ways to engage with God.

Kelly Stanley’s casual and fascinating style opens her reader’s eyes to new ways of connecting with God through prayer.

This book would appeal to the right-brained, artsy reader, but would greatly benefit anyone desiring to pray more and pray more effectively.designed-to-pray-cover-666x999

Each week offers a situation that may arise as we begin to pray, whether it’s fear, or a desire for increased faith, or how to intercede for others. Then, each day of that week Kelly shares ways to overcome or prevail in the situation.

She uses unique ways of working through the prayers and the week’s situation. Some of those ways include filling in the blanks, creating key chain prayers, filling in the root system on a family tree and using a color palette as a reminder of certain prayers offered for certain people.

This is a great book to use in your family devotion and in your own personal prayer life. I highly recommend it to my family and friends.

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